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Create the best profile picture

It may be a small and insignificant but your profile picture is a very important element on Instagram. That the significant specially if you’re using Instagram and Facebook at the same time and your profiles are interconnected. If you are looking to use Instagram as a marketing tool be sure to have the best profile picture ever.

  1. Show Your Face

The first thing that the viewers will see on your profile is of course, your profile image. You want to put a personal note, your face directly as your profile image. That is the most efficient and at the same time the most direct way of presenting yourself to the world. Another possibility is to use your logo, but only in the cases when your business is recognize by a logo. Usually persons do not connect which a graphic representation such as a logo, but they connect with the real person, so place a big smile as your profile image.

  1. Place the quality photo

if you’re serious about your business think about to hire a professional photographer and create a really astonishing profile image. If you do not a budget that may cover hiring a professional, try at least to take photo with the professional camera not by a mobile phone. One very important thing is to avoid placing ”selfie” as a profile photo. Ask another person, your friend or relative, to make several shots of your smiling face, choose the best one and place it is your profile photo.

  1. Develop your Personality

One of the most important things that you would like to present is of course your personality. It all depends upon your desired goal if you want to present himself as a businessman then you should also have your profile image in a business suit and a tie, if you’re looking for more casual than choose a photo that presents your spirit. Try to be original, be self, and place a quality photo is your profile image on all connected social networks Instagram and Facebook.

  1. A profile picture is the profile picture

Well, this should be obvious. A profile picture should present all your personality in a frame of your smile. So, do not show your body, or your wonderful house or car. Learn how to use a crop utility within Instagram or Photoshop.  You will need to have 110×110 pixels on image that may be uploaded from your desktop.

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